Healthcare pricing can be confusing. To simplify things, we offer a pre-pay pricing program for those in the Helena community who might not have insurance. It’s called Simple + Price and it covers most common imaging and lab tests.

The Simple + Price plan offers a single price for select tests, when paid up-front. The price includes the hospital charge and the Radiologist reading. That’s price certainty. No confusion. No surprises. No separate bills later.  And, it can help you stay on track for optimal health.

How does Simple + Price work?

If you need of some type of imaging service – like an X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammogram, CT or MRI – call our financial advisor at 870-816-3823 to get an upfront bundled pre-pay price. This Simple + Price bundled pricing may not be used in conjunction with insurance. It also does not include further testing that may be ordered by your physician.

You can make payment by phone or in person by either calling 870-816-3823 or stopping by the hospital’s Scheduling/Business Office or Registration during regular business hours. If your procedure needs to take place after hours or on the weekend, our registration department can process the payment. We accept credit cards, cash and some personal checks.

When you take advantage of Simple + Price pricing, you’ll get a receipt for your “payment in full” prior to the procedure. It’s as easy as that.


Contact a Financial Advisor in our Business Office at 870-816-3823 to discuss your upcoming procedure and to get your Simple + Price.

Some Simple + Price Examples

Chest X-Ray as Low as $85
Abdominal/Pelvic CT Scan as Low as $556
Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging as Low as $165
Mammography as Low as $151

We have a variety of services, tests and procedures covered by the Simple + Price plan including ultrasound imaging. Be sure to call for quotes on services not listed above.

* SIMPLE+PRICE may not be used in conjunction with insurance. It also does not include further testing that may be ordered by your physician or other provider. All payments must be made prior to testing or procedure to be eligible for the SIMPLE + PRICE program.

Get a Simple + Price Quote

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